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Rebuilding peace in Central African Republic

Fighting in CAR in 2013 tore communities apart. Churches and mosques became boltholes for people fleeing indiscriminate killings and rapes. Now, tentatively, the brave or the desperate, are beginning to return to try to rebuild their lives.

"The UN’s accountability system is broken. It simply doesn’t work." - Anders Kompass

EXCLUSIVE: The ethical failure – Why I resigned from the UN

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    244,000 hungry children

    1 August 2016
    Winning the war against Boko Haram means dealing with the aftermath: hundreds of thousands of children with life-threatening malnutrition.
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    29 July 2016
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    Food on the frontlines

    27 July 2016
    Sudan’s scorched earth campaign against rebels in South Kordofan has intensified. The result is likely to be starving civilians.


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