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  • Analysis

    Rent to tent and back again

    12 October 2015
    Readying a fundraiser for an Aleppo hospital, a London boutique owner expressed her concern about the Syrian refugees who’ve fled to neighbouring countries: “They’re living...
  • Feature

    The tragedy of Iraq's Sunnis

    16 September 2015
    Iraq is congested with armed men: Kurdish peshmerga in the north; forlorn Iraqi army troops strung across the country; ascendant Shia militia groups and volunteer...
  • Analysis

    3 trends in Turkey's Kurdish war

    8 September 2015
    As the world fixates on the Syrian refugee crisis, Turkey’s conflict with Kurdish rebels has suddenly escalated rapidly. At least 30 security personnel have been...
  • Opinion

    Europe doesn't have a migrant crisis

    2 September 2015
    Imagine Syria didn't exist - that the war never happened. Suddenly Europe’s migration crisis doesn't look so bad. The two EU countries that receive the...